Great British Food Awards 2021

SAUSAGES, BACON & BLACK PUDDING Judged by chef Shaun Rankin WINNER The Farmer's Son, Black Pudding “This is one of the best black puddings I’ve ever had. It has a lovely rich and meaty flavour with the perfect peppery aftertaste. A high-quality product that they should be very proud of.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Redhill FarmFree Range Pork Ltd, Lincolnshire Sausage “The quality of the pork is outstanding, giving the sausage a fantastic deep flavour. Really well-balanced seasoning with the right amount of sage coming through.” HIGHLY COMMENDED CharlesMacleod Ltd, Stornoway Black Pudding “It was very close between the Stornoway and the Farmer’s Son black pudding. This is a fantastic product with a smooth texture, perfect seasoning and a great aftertaste.” Meat & Fish 90