Great British Food Awards 2021

POULTRY Judged by chef Vivek Singh WINNER Adlington’s, English Label Free RangeChicken “This was the winner by somemargin! Soft, sweet and delicious, you could almost taste the sweetness of oats in the roast. It formed a good crust, kept a great golden skin andmoist fleshmade for an excellent roast chicken.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Morton’s Family Farm, Free RangeCockerel "It was a great size, cooked very well and came with great instructions and tips. The bird tasted good on its own, andmade for a generous centrepiece for the table. Clean tasty, juicy bird." HIGHLY COMMENDED ALDI, Specially Selected Perfect DuckDuo "This was an excellent entry but missed out narrowly owing to the steps involved in cooking it. Complete with legs, rolled breast and the sauce, once cooked it was an impressive dish with layers of flavours and very tasty." Meat & Fish 91