Great British Food Awards 2021

GAME Judged by chef and foodwriter Ben Tish WINNER ALDI, Specially Selected Partridge in a Pear TreeWellingtons “I particularly enjoyed these as they were straightforward to cook and precise on timing. It's a tricky thing generally but they nailed it. The pastry was crisp and remained so after resting. The partridge cooked just right for me and remained succulent with a bit of pink. The partridge was excellent quality and on the right side of gamey. Presentationwas great – the pastry was nice and tight and held around themeat well.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Mr Duck, Duck Saucisson Sec “Great product. I’msometimes disappointed by British charcuterie but this was excellent – good coarse texture, good clean fat flecks andmarbling and it tasted of delicious duck. Duck can be overpowering in charcuterie but this was good and balanced. I thought a fatter, bigger salami wouldwork better but this was generally great work. “ HIGHLY COMMENDED ALDI, Specially SelectedBritishVenison Joint “A good accessible product for themarket. Venison can be intimidating but this was good – looked tempting and easy to cook to a nice pink. The flavour wasmore strong/ gamey beef than venison (a younger animal perhaps) but I don’t think that’s a bad thing – it's a good entry level game product andwill get people to trymore game after this. Well done to Aldi for this. Packagingwas also good.” Meat & Fish 89