Great British Food Awards 2021

MARMALADE Judgedby LucyCharles, Headof Operations at BoroughMarket WINNER Rosalind’s Larder, Grapefruit & CointreauNoirMarmalade “Reallymellowbut with that signature bitter edge you get froma goodmarmalade. Really smooth but with a delicious sticky texture, it spread beautifully on toast. The taste of the Cointreau Noir is hard to pick out for me but it’s obviously balancing out the grapefruit to achieve a really lovely flavour overall.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Radnor Preserves, Hand-Cut Seville OrangeMarmalade “A really excellent classic, hard to find any fault. Good size pieces and quantity of peel, excellent flavour, would definitely be a go-to for any classicmarmalade needs. Nice set, not too firm, verymoreish scent.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Season’s Bounty, Seville and Sea BuckthornMarmalade “Unusual scent and an almost savoury finish on the palette. I was surprised just howmuch I liked this. Really complex flavour profile which begins with a classic marmalade taste then evolves into something quite unusual, leaving a bitter but not unpleasant aftertaste. Really great to see sea buckthorn in this type of product.” KITCHEN STAPLES 80