Great British Food Awards 2021

JAM Judged by LucyCharles, Head of Operations at BoroughMarket WINNER Annabel’s StrawberryConserve “This was pretty perfect for me. It really tasted like strawberry, whichmay sound silly but somany jams just taste sweet. This would definitely pass a blind taste test. I tried it solo andwith toast/butter and it was delicious both ways. I would now seek this out when I want strawberry jam in the future (andwould be interested to see it here at BoroughMarket in fact, as we recently lost our preserves trader!).” HIGHLY COMMENDED Waterhouse Fayre Blackcurrant &CassisConserve “This was a really close second to the strawberry jam; the flavour of the fruit really shone through and the balance of cassis was just right. Quite tart on the palette, I can imagine this sitting really well in cakes and desserts as well as a luxurious breakfast toast topping.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Tracklements FreshChilli Jam “Although I felt this a little tricky to judge in comparison to the others, given itsmore savoury nature, I really enjoyed it compared to other chilli jams I’ve tried. The level of heat was just right and it wasn’t too sweet – often chilli jams are too sweet or acerbic. I feel like this would be brilliant used in all sorts of things fromepic cheese sandwiches and toasties to Southeast Asian cooking.” KITCHEN STAPLES 79