Great British Food Awards 2021

CHUTNEY Judged by chef Asma Khan WINNER PlumDuff &Stuff, Harley HouseChutney “This is such a vibrant chutney. It is unusual as it is an uncooked chutney. I was curious when I read the label and saw that the basemarinade was cider vinegar, and concerned it may be too strong as it was not cooked down. But it really is spectacular. The different textures of fruits and vegetables – all with a bit of bite in them is really great with cheese. I added it tomy homemade burger. It was so good! This chutney is very versatile – if you have to buy chutney for your home, buy this!” HIGHLY COMMENDED Allan'sChilli Products, Pear, Apple &Date Chilli Chutney “Great mix of textures. I had this chutney withmature cheddar and I felt it would gowell with any kind of cheese. The balance of sweetness and chillies works really well. The dates give it a beautiful flavour. I was not a fan of the label, as I felt there was toomuch going on. The chutney on the other hand hangs together really well!” HIGHLY COMMENDED CottageDelight Ltd, ClassicCheese BoardChutney “I tried this chutney as a glaze on BBQchicken. However, I did prefer it as a conventional chutney; I ate it with brie and a smoky cheese. The next day I had the chutney with soft boiled eggs – this was a great combination! I loved the colour of the chutney and the chunky bits. Finally, it is brilliant in a ploughman sandwich. It is exactly the right amount of tanginess and sweetness.” KITCHEN STAPLES 81