Great British Food Awards 2021

Drinks (SOFT&BREWED) NON-ALCOHOLIC SPIRITS/BEERS/WINES Judged by founder of Sober Girl Society, MillieGooch WINNER Everleaf, Mountain “Everleaf boasts an impressive offering of non-alcoholic spirits, but it is theMountain that takes the top spot for me. The texture is silky which immediately gives it a sense of luxury despite the absence of alcohol, something that is oftenmissing fromNoLo drinks. It’s the perfect balance of sweet vs. bitter and floral vs. fruity with an aromatic punch – giving quite a bit of backing to Everleaf’s claimof having the world’smost complex alcohol-free spirits. Mountain is a unique drink and I have yet to taste anything else on themarket that is similar.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Caleño, Dark and Spicy “Burstingwith pineapple, coconut and lime, the spirit is closest to emulating a rumbut is still unique enough to be a completely new spirit in its own right. The ginger and cardamomgive enough spice that you really get the kick that a lot of NoLo drinkers are seeking, but is expertly balanced out through the sweetness of the vanilla. A great follow-up toCaleño’s original Light & Zesty variant.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Hepworth&Company, AztecAgave Brewed Lager “This lager boasts a lot of great credentials before you even get to the taste – vegan, organic and gluten-free. Where it really excels though, is in body and flavour. Whilst it really does replicate the same flavours as an alcoholic beer, the agave element definitely elevates it to another level, making it unique against the competition. Refreshing and refined.” 67