Great British Food Awards 2021

Drinks (SOFT&BREWED) SOFT DRINKS Judged by chef Shelina Permalloo WINNER Barn FarmDrinks, Rhubarb&Apple Presse “Gently sparklingwith a rich rhubarb and apple flavour, superbly tart with a hint of sweet whichmakes it the perfect refresher. These are 100% fruit juice with no additional sweetness which I really like, as I often find soft drinks aremade far too sweet. Lovely combination of flavour and beautiful natural flavour.” HIGHLY COMMENDED GustoOrganic, Sicilian BloodOrange “An interesting soft drink with a wonderful bittersweet balance. Refreshing light bubbles which are perfect in themouth and a great addition pairedwith a sprig of rosemary.” HIGHLY COMMENDED TomParker Creamery, Free Range Strawberries andMilk “Thick, creamy and rich, and packedwith real strawberries. It is indulgent and decadent in flavour and a great treat for children packed with dairy and fruit. A refreshing take on a milkshake without any of the nasties!” 66