Great British Food Awards 2021

Drinks (SOFT&BREWED) MIXERS Judged by founder of Sober Girl SocietyMillieGooch WINNER Twelve Below, Rhubarb &GingerMixer “Not only would thismixer uplift any accompanying spirit but it’s a knock-out drink on its own. Despite being low in sugar, thismixer is still sweet enough thanks to the organic agave. This is offset by the fiery ginger which definitely leaves a lasting impression. The rhubarb comes through well. Wouldwork with both alcoholic and non- alcoholic spirits.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Drink Better Ltd, Cushiedoos Superior TonicWater “A quinine-free tonic that’s simple, sophisticated and would really compliment any spirit counterpart rather than ever overpowering it. A blend of Scottish heather, silver birch and yellowgentianwork well to hydrate, rather than dry, your palate. The branding is luxurious and the story behind the name is quite charming!” HIGHLY COMMENDED Barn FarmDrinks, Strawberry &Cucumber Presse “It’s a shame summer is over for another year as this beverage fromBarn Farmwould be just the picnic ticket. Gently sparkling and packedwith flavour, it’s light, cheery and perfectly balanced so that neither flavour outshines the other. As a non-drinker, this is a great drink on its own for me when others indulge in Pimms, but wouldwork beautifully with simple spirits too.” 68