Great British Food Awards 2021

Drinks (alcohol) VODKA Judged bymaster patissier Eric Lanlard WINNER Royal Mash Ltd, VintageVodka 2020 “Great presentation bottle which will look great on any bar shelf or drinks trolley. The vodka itself does not really have a strong nose but is really flavoursome when you taste it and comes across as very pure and clean. I would expect to be able tomake a great vodka martini with this drink. The beauty of it is that it’s very very smooth on the palate and you do not get that fiery alcohol burn you get frommany high spirits. The flavours are really rounded and do not need amixer.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Wolf of theWoods, OrganicCornishHopVodka “Love the old-fashioned bottle and the label is really cool too; from the nose it does have that classic hops smell (but not overpowering) and a slightly citrus finish. It is a very smooth and clean vodka, which can be easily drunk on its own on ice or shaken in amartini. I don't think adding a flavouredmixer will do any good to this flavoursome vodka, full of notes of pine and rosemary.” HIGHLY COMMENDED BlackCow, Vodka Negroni “I was a bit dubious of sampling a vodka negroni, but I was pleasantly surprised. The ready to use drink is perfectlymixedwith the right balance of sweetness and classic bitterness. You do get amouthful of botanicals and you don't miss the traditional gin ingredients of this cocktail, as the vodka used is obviously good itself. This is the perfect premix for negroni fans.” 53