Great British Food Awards 2021

Drinks (alcohol) ENGLISH & WELSH WINE Judged by eco-chef TomHunt WINNER Fox & Fox, Inspiration Brut 2014 “Fox’sminimal intervention approach to viticulture naturally creates a wine that speaks of its terroir. This wine is a fine example of how exciting English sparkling wine has become. With its balanced zesty flavours, fine fizz and subtlemineral-honey aroma, I’d recommend this wine to anyone. Fox and Fox clearly value nature as part of their winemaking process, actively promoting biodiversity by encouraging hedgerows, ponds, weeds and brambles where they can. They also plant alleyways between vines with a pollenmix to encourage bees and pollinators, which in turn has seen an increase in prey bird species and the wider biodiversity on the farm.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Tinwood Estate, Blanc de Blancs 2018 “This flavoursome dry bubbly is a crowd pleaser froma classic English vineyard. It has a fine bubblymousse and a delicate buttery brioche aroma with notes of honey. Its refreshing citrus-fruit flavours are just what I look for in an English sparklingwine. Tinwood Estate Blanc de Blancs ismade using grapes grown on the beautiful Tinwood Estate, where they take great care of the land.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Aldwick Estate, Mary’s Rose 2020 “Aldwick EstateMary’s Rose is a delicious rose that really opens up and delivers. Its full fruity flavour is like a basket of summer berries; strawberry, raspberry and sharp redcurrants. Aldwick Estate has been in the family since 1905; they created their first vineyard in 2008. Since then, they’ve created an award-winning range including ‘Jubilate’, which I awarded this prize to last year.” 52