Great British Food Awards 2021

Drinks (alcohol) WHISKY Judged byCharlie Stein, Director ofWine &Drinks at Rick Stein Restaurants WINNER TheCotswolds Distillery, Cotswolds SingleMaltWhisky “The first whiskymade entirely in the Cotswolds, and what a fabulous first effort it is. Youthful and vibrant on the nose, plenty of cigar box, rolling tobaccowith plenty of leather as well. The palate is again youthful, rounded, and creamy, some nice barrel integration and somemore honeyed, vanilla notes that linger on the palate. It’s so exciting to see what is starting to emerge in the English Whisky scene. The Cotswolds are clearlymaking sure theymake themost natural and best quality product they can. One towatch very closely.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Nc’neanOrganic SingleMalt ScotchWhisky “I love the packaging of this Nc’neanOrganic singlemalt. The nose is bright and floral, some cranberry, baking spices, quite light and lifted. The palate is smooth and roundwith cranberries, and even a touch of tropical fruit. Awell-made whisky froma relative newcomer on the scene, showing real potential for the future.” HIGHLY COMMENDED TheCotswolds Distillery, SherryCask SingleMaltWhisky “Sherry cask whiskeys are some of my personal favourites; I love this one fromThe Cotswolds. The colour is a lovely shade of amber with gold edges. The nose is compelling; sandalwood, cooked cranberries, toffee, and fudge. On the palate there’s unctuous baking spices, ginger, and spiced fruit. Seriously impressive!” 54