Great British Food Awards 2021

BAKING & PUDDINGS READY MEALS Judged by bootstrap cook JackMonroe WINNER Simpkin&RosesChicken Calabresewith 'Nduja “An absolute flavour sensation! Tender free-range chicken simmeredwith red wine and tomatoes, and a generous smack of spicy nduja sausage and smattering of black olives. More than enough to feed and satisfy two hungry people, really well balanced and punchy flavours, and although the entire Simpkin & Roses rangemerits exploring, this was in a sumptuous standout league all of its own.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Durban Street Food, Bobotie “A generous portion that easily serves two or three, this classic South African dish of tender spicedmince or lentils in a rich sauce, toppedwith a thick and crispy bechamel and egg layer, stood out among the competition for its bold flavours and comforting, casual style. Delicious piping hot with rice, or serving leftovers for breakfast in a soft roll with a fried eggmeal of the day.” HIGHLY COMMENDED ByRuby Roast chicken, leek and bacon pie “Awinner with the whole family, tender and flavourful free range roast chicken, generous pieces of bacon and softly sautéed leeks in a creamy white sauce, with perfectly crisp and flaky pastry. Perfect for amidweek easy supper for two or for taking the pressure out of cooking on a special occasion - one of the best ready- made pies I have ever tried!” 51