Great British Food Awards 2021

TWELVE BELOW Twelve Below is uniquely positioned as the UK’s first 100% all natural, low sugar drinks range. With only 12 calories per 100ml, Twelve Below uses a dash of organic agave for sweetness in its great tasting, all natural, low calorie, British fruit inspired flavoured drinks. It is the brand'smission to shake up the drinks industry and define the ‘low sugar’ category, which places the consumer’s health and knowledge at the forefront. The Twelve Belowdrinks range consists of award-winningClassic PremiumTonic, mixers and sparkling drinks. All Twelve Belowdrinks promise great natural flavours and are developedwith a health-conscious lens; they can be pairedwith a range of spirits or simply enjoyed as a sophisticated standalone drink. TIPSY WIGHT TipsyWight produces a range of twenty-twomulti-award-winning vodka liqueurs, made entirely by hand on its Victorian farmon the Isle ofWight. Each flavour is carefully crafted from ingredients grown or picked locally, highlighting the extraordinary variety of berries and fruits that grow in the English countryside and hedgerows throughout the year. TipsyWight's Crabapple Vodka Liqueur received yet another award this year in the Great British Food Awards, where the judges described it as "a beautiful, bold liqueur with an impressive depth of flavour, truly celebrating the mighty apple." 33