Great British Food Awards 2021

THE SCOTTISH SALMON COMPANY Unrivalled in quality and coveted by top chefs worldwide, award-winning Native Hebridean Smoked Scottish Salmon descends from the wild salmon of the rugged and remote Hebrides; it is exclusively raised and fully traceable to these islands. Native Hebridean Smoked Scottish Salmon is hand-cured in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis using a traditional island recipe, then gently smokedwith aged Scotch whisky barrel shavings, for a unique taste of the Scottish Hebridean islands. THE PROPER MARMALADE COMPANY BloodOrange and Limoncello is one of the range of marmalades produced by the Proper Marmalade Company, a small artisan producer in the SouthWest. Made by hand from fresh fruit and poured into jars with a small jug (with a well-aimed slug of limoncello to finish), this is a flavour fest on the tongue. Thesemarmalades are as close to homemade as you can get. They once were, until productionmoved to a small kitchen behind its shop in Ilfracombe. 32