Great British Food Awards 2021

YARTY CORDIALS “B” Black Garlic Vinegar has just three ingredients: black garlic, vinegar, a touch of sugar, lots of time and a bit of Yartymagic. This creates a unique umami flavour to tantalise your palate. The process comes fromJayne’s grandmother Mabel, who made vinegars and cordials for royalty and the local nobility in the New Forest (Yarty still does today). Yarty are in an enviable position; it creates all the products themselves and does not use production partners tomake anything. This ensures that no shortcuts are taken to give their customers the best quality they expect. So, enjoy! WHITEHALL VINEYARD A love of growing and a passion for wine set the Self family on a journey: to craft exceptional English wines from their home atWhitehall Farm. Since 1894, for 5 generations, they have lovingly worked the land in Lacock, Wiltshire, and it is now home to their award-winning vineyard. Whitehall Vineyard has delicately handcraftedwine, with the ambition to create extraordinary and exquisite flavours to enhance any dining experience or to enjoy by itself. It aspires to bring tastes of rural Wiltshire in every glass, squeezed from the highest quality grapes, committing tomaking the best possible wine each year. 34