Great British Food Awards 2021

LYBURN CHEESEMAKERS Stoney Cross comes from the same home, Lyburn Farm, as OldWinchester. It’smade from the farm’smilk, which is supplied by their 170 cows. This cheese ismild yet generates intense and complex flavours. It’s soft, creamy, earthy with rounded acidity and natural lactic sweetness with a texture that softens in amoment into a rich, creamy sauce. The grey rind enhances the flavour, creating an interesting contrast with the sweet cheese. It’smade in a Caerphilly mould and has a weight of 3kg. The name Stoney Cross comes froma large flat area in the New Forest that was once aWorldWar 2 airdrome, 2miles to the north of the farm. LONDON CRU LDN SPRITZ, the latest creation from the award-winning London Cru team, ismade with only natural grape ingredients and is a field blend of English grape varietals to create a lively crisp finish of green apple and pear. Designed to be single serve, it comes in a 250ml can and is ready to drink or enjoyed over ice with a sprig of mint. It is locally sourced, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, low-calorie with no artificial flavours. 20