Great British Food Awards 2021

LACONS Lacons has been brewing beer in Norfolk since 1760making themone of the UK's oldest brewers. It’s possible your grandad’s grandad even enjoyed a fewpints of Lacons! You can taste the passion for its brewing heritage which is embraced in its brand storytelling. It still uses the original strains of yeast that Lacons brewers used centuries ago, whichmakes its beers taste truly unique. Threading the old inwith the new adds real depth and authenticity to Lacons beers, Encore, Legacy and Affinity were named to celebrate its reclaimed independence in 2013. If you like discovering newbeers and brands with cool stories then add Lacons to the list! KITCHEN GARDEN CO On Pythouse Farm, tucked away in the rolling hills ofWiltshire, there is amagical kitchen garden. For more than two centuries, curious fruits, vegetables and aromatic sprigs of green have grown there in abundance. Today, this botanical bloodline has inspired a superb non-alcoholic aperitif called Sprigster. The restaurant teamat Pythouse Kitchen Garden first began bashing and brewing botanicals back in 2016 tomake drinks to serve their guests. Themost popular by far of several homegrown drinks, Sprigster’s unique combination of hops, rhubarb, fennel and ginger perfectly represents the best of an English country garden. Sprigster is now served in some of the nation’s top bars and restaurants as a delightful aperitif and versatile cocktail ingredient. 19