Great British Food Awards 2021

NOBLE LEAF Noble Leaf sources all its tea directly from tea gardens, and both its peppermint and camomile teas are grown here in the UK by a passionate family farm. The farmuses sustainablemethods to grow the herbs, whichmay take a little longer but results in a more enhanced flavour. Both the camomile and peppermint have been awarded a Great Taste Award, as well as being named finalists in The Great British Food Awards. This is a huge testament to the farmers for the passion and care that goes into every leaf. MORTIMER CHOCOLATE COMPANY Mortimer Chocolate Company is a family- run business producing award-winning chocolate for drinking and baking. Master chocolatemaker Adrian trained as a botanist, and understands that the proper fermentation is where great chocolate flavour first begins. He uses this knowledge to select fine tasting cocoas fromaround the world. From the first chocolate he created, the ever popular 70%West African, the range has grown to include flavoured drinking chocolates and the new Luxurious White DrinkingChocolate. All are ideal for hot chocolate and recipes such as our delicious chocolate brownies. 21