Great British Food Awards 2021

BEST NEW PRODUCT Judged by Booths WINNER PastificioCarleschi Ltd, BritishGrown Emmer & Fava Bean Sedani Rigati "A super-pasta, packed with nutrients from the Emmer & Fava Beans. The pasta itself cooked really well; the velvety rough surface is perfect for holding sauces. The delicate chestnut colour remains during cooking and the flavours are quite sweet with a lingering taste of the fava beans." HIGHLY COMMENDED RiverfordOrganic Farmers, Riverford Low-plastic 100%Organic Recipe Boxes "A simple concept putting quality organic veg at its heart. Presented in 100% recyclable cardboard. All the produce was exceptionally fresh on arrival. Simple recipe suggestions are included in the box too tomake life easier. I really liked it." HIGHLY COMMENDED Royal Mash Ltd, Royal MashVintageVodka 2020 "Made frompotatoes from the island of Jersey, it is doubtless the terroir and quality of ingredients which create this wonderful premiumvodka. Distilled by experts and bottled in style. A fine gift for Christmas for any spirits connoisseur." Specialist 97