Great British Food Awards 2021

BEST BRITISH SPECIALITY Judged byAdrian Boswell, HeadBuyer at Selfridges WINNER Lost BarnCoffee Roasters, Bloomsbury EspressoBlend “I was fortunate enough to have a good range of quality products to judge; however, this was the one which stood out. For an espresso I found this incredibly smooth. The initial hit of coffeemakes way to flavours of sweet roasted and toasted nuts, which thenmoves into rich dark chocolate. Somewhere within that journey, fruity undertones pop up, the brand described as citrus but I picked up on some wild berries and forest fruits similar to those found in a good quality chocolate. Definitely one to try for all espresso lovers.” HIGHLY COMMENDED ByRubyMacaroni Cheese “I amnot usually a fan of frozen readymeals, however, what impressedme initially was the clean deck of ingredients. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it did not look too dissimilar from the website imagery when cooked. It was well seasonedwith a good depth of flavour. The texture of the bread crumbs added an extra dimension and the balance of themustardwas spot on.” HIGHLY COMMENDED London East India IcedTea “I was not overly impressedwith the branding, but was happy to look past this. I found it refreshingwith a delicate balance of flavours, and a sensible effervescent level. The agave provides a subtle sweetness and hints of peach; undertones of earthiness from the turmeric are present. I can imagine this being a favourite with cocktail mixologists, but still delivers as a healthy soft drink.” Specialist 96