Great British Food Awards 2021

HIGHLY COMMENDED Packington Free Range Ltd, Loin of Pork “Nicely butchered, well strung, good fat cover and the right colour of meat. I got my oven nice and hot, hit the skinwith a generous helping of salt andwas rewarded with amazing crackling. Themeat itself was very soft and tender, easy to slice for our meal. Once again, I couldn't help but enjoy Packington's free range pork. The loin as ameal was beautiful and I enjoyed the leftover pork and apple sandwiches just asmuch.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Helen Browning'sOrganics, Salt and Pepper Ribs “These are great products. The packagingwas good and instructions were very easy to follow. I liked that these could be had as they were, or flavour added to themas I didwith a sweet barbeque sauce. I really like these as a product, they are a quick and easymeal that you can add flavours to very simply.” Meat & Fish PORK Judged by Simon Taylor, GB teamcaptain at theWorldButcheryChallenge WINNER Packington Free Range Ltd, Pork Shoulder “I love pork shoulder. It's one of my favourite things to cook. That said, I can get my hands on very good pork so Packington had tomeet the mark and they did, easily I must say. I tried to let the pork speak for itself but couldn't help adding a little fennel seed and sea salt. I could tell from the butchery and the perfect amount of fat cover we would be in for a nicemeal. Not only didwe have this for a roast but we used the shredded leftovers in a pork ragu which was equally as good. This shoulder was everything I wanted it to be, falling apart with tenderness and full of incredible flavour.” 87