Great British Food Awards 2021

HIGHLY COMMENDED Dyson Farming Ltd, Fillet Steak “I have to say I don't normally go for fillet; it's always hard to really get flavour without adding something. However, this steak was packedwith flavour. I just pan-fried in a drop of rapeseed oil and added a little salt to intensify that but that's it. I had the pan super-hot, caramelised all sides keeping it very rare, and it was incredibly soft. Beautifully cut and trimmed fillet with a softness like butter, I really enjoyed this steak.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Helen Browning'sOrganics, Ribeye Steak “I love ribeye steak and I sell some incredible ones, so HB Organics had a lot to live up to. They did not disappoint; in a hot pan they caramelised beautifully. You could tell from the colour that themarblingwas good both raw and now that the outside had turned golden brown. The outside flavour and texture were complemented by the soft tender texture. Somuch flavour and tenderness to match, I indulgently had these for breakfast.” BEEF Judged by Simon Taylor, GB teamcaptain at the WorldButcheryChallenge WINNER DaylesfordOrganic, Rib of Beef “I really like the way this product was packed and presented. I could see straight away this was the sort of beef I'mused to dealingwithmyself. The breed and age tagwas a nice touch. When I opened the box, I knew straight away from the smell and texture I was going to enjoy this rib of beef. I removed one rib and barbecued it; again the smells were beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The roast was just as good; I kept it lovely and pink and it looked like something froma recipe book with the roast potatoes, gravy and veg. Beautifully matured andmarbled. This rib of beef had all the hallmarks of care, attention, passion, and flavour. A joy to eat.” Meat & Fish 86