Great British Food Awards 2021

VINEGARS, DRESSINGS & OILS Judged by owner of Nonsuch Shrubs, HenryChevallier-Guild WINNER Burren Balsamics Ltd, BlackGarlic-infused BalsamicVinegar ofModena “This is a wonderful vinegar. Infused balsamics can sometimes flatter to deceive, but Burren Balsamic’s black garlic infused balsamic delivers on every level. It has a pronounced aroma of black garlic that has enticingly rich caramelised notes to it. This continues on the palate where it packs amighty punch but without being overpowering. It is delightfully intense with great balance and a seductive finish. Makes a fabulous dressing and is a great finishing touch to a rich jus.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Happy Butter, Happy Butter OrganicGhee “It almost hadn’t occurred tome that ghee could be made in England. I like the packaging of Happy Butter Organic Ghee, as it upsells what could simply be seen as a workhorse of the condiments cupboard. It has a luxuriously rich butter aroma and a rewarding texture as I scooped out a spoonful. It is velvety smooth on the palate with a soft and pleasant nuttiness.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Burren Balsamics Ltd, Raspberry-infused BalsamicVinegar ofModena “The smell of fresh raspberries is a delight on the nose; it positively dances out of the bottle and transportedme into an English kitchen garden. The palate is juicy, though it was quite tart,. It is an ingenious ingredient that added character to every recipe I made with it.” KITCHEN STAPLES 77