Great British Food Awards 2021

PICKLES Judged by chef Santosh Shah WINNER CRAICFoods Ltd, Pickled Gooseberries inApple & Elderflower Vinegar “This pickle is unique. It has a very good combination, and is very sharp in a goodway. It’s tasty, sweet, with a very good balance in the pickling liquid. I also liked the branding and packaging; very well preserved.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Dukeshill HamCompany, Dukeshill Proper Piccalilli “This piccalilli is very good. I found it very tasty, with all the flavours well-balanced.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Calder's Kitchen Ltd, Traditional Piccalilli “This piccalilli is also very good. Once again, it tasted great and the flavours were well-balanced.” KITCHEN STAPLES 76