Great British Food Awards 2021

HIGHLY COMMENDED By Ruby, Vegetable Lasagne “BYRuby’s lasagne is a perfect treat when you need a day off cooking. It’s filledwith a delicious variety of vegetables including a layer of aubergine, butternut squash, tomato sauce and ricotta creamed spinach.” HIGHLY COMMENDED SharphamPark, Organic Pearled Spelt “Pearled spelt grainmakes a wonderful alternative to risotto called farotto. Simply swap out pearled spelt grain for risotto rice in any risotto recipe and extend the cooking time a touch until the spelt is perfectly al dente. Diversifying our staple foods is essential for our nutrition and supporting biodiversity.” VEGETARIAN Judged by eco chef TomHunt WINNER SharphamPark, Organic SpeltWhite PastaGigli Rigati “A diversity of grains is an essential part of a nutritious diet. It’s hard to find good pastamade with alternative grains like spelt. SharphamPark has cracked it! Their SpeltWhite Pasta Gigli Rigati is flavoursome, nutty and decadent. I’ve been following Roger Saul and Sharpham Park for the last decade, in awe of their organic practices and undying passion for spelt. Spelt is often referred to as an ancient grain because it has had little intervention and breeding in comparison tomodernwheat varieties, which alongwith its organic certificationmake it a nourishing grain to grow for people and planet. Its long root structure and sturdy husk and berrymake it a hardy crop perfect for organic agriculture. The way we farmnot only affects the environment but the taste of our food. That’s why Sharphamspelt tastes delicious.” Health & wellbeing 72