Great British Food Awards 2021

FREE-FROM Judged byGreat British BakeOff Season 10Winner DavidAtherton WINNER The Zingiberi Bakery, TheCaptain’s Crackers:WarmChilli “I didn’t think I could get so excited about an oat cake, but these are truly spectacular. They look great, pleasingly thin as a crisp, blush pink, and speckledwith seeds and spices. The crackers have a delightful brittle snap and the balance of flavours is perfect. The earthy, oaty flavour remains at the forefront with a chilli hug, and lingering nutty sesame notes. As you can imagine, these crackers are perfect for cheese and I’d pair themwith big hitting flavours such as amature cheddar or blue cheese. My favourite topping however was slathered in peanut butter.” HIGHLY COMMENDED HazelNOTGnawbles “HazelNOTGnawbles paymore than a passing resemblance to a certain airymalt confectionery covered in chocolate, and inmy opinion they are better. This is a true win for the free-from family, they are crisp, nutty (without being “nutty”) and oh somoreish. The real win is their versatility. I’ve crushed themas a topping for ice creamand added them to a cheesecake base." HIGHLY COMMENDED SlightlyDifferent, TomatoRelish “I lovemaking relishes and chutneys, but I’ve never thought it was possible to achieve the full warm, rounded earthy sweetness without onions and garlic. This relish is not only delicious, but not lacking in any way. It is fresh and acidic, as well as being sweet and bold. It will compliment somany dishes fromburgers to curries, falafel to cheese boards.” Health & wellbeing 71