Great British Food Awards 2021

Drinks (alcohol) FLAVOURED GIN Judged by chef AdamHandling WINNER ThreeWrens Distillery, Bison Grass Edition “It’s a very summery gin and a style I haven’t quite tasted before. I really enjoyed it with the notes of, inmy eyes, tonka – which the tasting notes don’t mention but I tasted it – and the use of the pod of vanilla rather than the seed. Super floral, super light – would be incredible as amartini.” HIGHLY COMMENDED PinkMarmaladeGin “This gin is something I haven’t tried before. It’s really fun that it changes colour and the flavour of a pink grapefruit works very well for a fun and quirky gin & tonic. It’s nicely clean and, inmy eyes, something perfect for a very unique gin and tonic.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Deerness Distillery Ltd, Vara pink gin “I loved the rose flavour, it's one of my favourites. I thought the flavour really shone through; it was one of the best pink gins I've tried.” 61