Great British Food Awards 2021

Drinks (alcohol) ANY OTHER SPIRITS Judged by drinks expert Olly Smith WINNER Orkney Spirits Ltd, OrkneyAkvavit “Served straight from the freezer, this is all you needwith a plate of fresh crayfish or prawns to bring the occasion to life. Splendid aromatic aromas and beautifully herby, this fine example of akvavit is exotic and enticing. It’s delicious. I love the link with the Viking heritage in Orkney and the packaging is very appealing. This clear punchy spirit has a real caraway flavour and a lovely twist of cardamom. You could also serve it with tonic. Completely unique, this is a great achievement and I can’t wait to taste it again.” HIGHLY COMMENDED CotswoldDistillery, Cotswolds Summer Cup “I really like the balance of fruit and clever use of sherry in this fine Summer Cup. With an outstanding lasting finish, this is a delightful example of a summer cup based on ginwhile delivering exotic fragrant depth and that trademark summer twist of delightful refreshment. Bravo. A great new addition to this category.” HIGHLY COMMENDED McNeans Distillery Ltd, McNeanOrganic Botanical Spirit “This is a really impressive and unique distillation with imaginative botanicals; sorrel and bogmyrtle that give it its own unique character. Fantastic served with tonic. McNeans Botanical spirit is a great fun, imaginative twist on a clean, pure, bright spirit.” 60