Great British Food Awards 2021

BAKING & PUDDINGS SWEET BAKES Judged by baker Flora Shedden WINNER Croots, LemonDrizzleCake “This really surprisedme with how tasty it was. The packaging and presentation were very underwhelming but the cake flavour and texture were excellent and made up for first impressions. This drizzle has that lovely (and somewhat rare these days) crunch of sugar on top to contrast with a verymoreish andmoist sponge underneath. There are flecks of lemon zest throughout and a good citrus flavour that reminds you of something your granny oncemade. Really enjoyed this with a cup of tea andwas impressedwith just how excellent it was.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Yvette’sChocolates, Gooey Brownies “These were very classic brownies which you could tell had beenmade with good quality chocolate. Not overly sweet, they have a good level of richness and fudge-like texture. The presentationwas excellent, though the portions were perhaps on the large side. They were also very tasty whenwarmed through slightly and servedwith a little crème fraiche.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Calon LanCakes TraditionalWelshCakes “These were deliciouslymoreish and had a great interior crumb. The currants were soft and not too heavy in these cakes, which were surprisingly light compared to standardWelsh cakes. Very goodwhen warmed and slathered in butter!” 48