Great British Food Awards 2021

BAKING & PUDDINGS HOME BAKING Judged by foodwriterMarthaCollison WINNER ShiptonMill Limited, Soft Cake and PastryOrganicWhite Flour “The perfect baking flour! Plain flours can be difficult to judge, but simply try cookingwith this flour and you’ll be amazed by the results. Pastry was as short and crumbly as you like, with a lovely flavour andmelt in themouth texture thanks to the finemilling of this flour. Scones and cakes were light and fluffy; a really high-quality product.” HIGHLY COMMENDED W&HMarriage &Sons Limited, MoulshamSeeded MaltedBrown Bread Flour “A lovely, well-rounded flour with a deliciousmalty flavour. I loved howpacked full of seeds this flour was, and the balance of flavours fromeach was wonderfully crafted. It makes a beautiful, rich coloured loaf with a light structure, and alsomakes incredible crackers to serve with cheese. I highly recommend it to any bread bakers!” HIGHLY COMMENDED Victoria’s Sandwich, 3Cheese Bread “This loaf wowedme as soon as I saw it, with its generous amounts of cheese and domed top! The bread itself was soft and flavoursome, and of the three cheeses incorporated each brought something new to the party. Black onion seeds are a clever addition for both flavour, texture and colour. As recommended, we toasted this andwere smitten by the oozy goodness!” 47