Great British Food Awards 2021

CHEESE & DAIRY FLAVOUR-ADDED CHEESE Judged by chef Asma Khan WINNER BlackwoodsCheeseCompany, GraceburnOriginal “Thismarinated cheese ismade with raw cow'smilk, and it is absolutely stunning! The flavours and textures are wonderful. I loved the creaminess of the cheese – the added garlic and thyme are perfectly balanced. I also loved the way the cheese was presented – the unevenly cut squarish pieces of cheese floating in oil are really beautiful. It did not last long inmy household; I ended up eating it with a paratha wedge and also ryvita! The next day I went out specially to buy a suitable cheese biscuit for this cheese. It is so good.” HIGHLY COMMENDED ALDI, Specially SelectedCheese Bakes, BarbersCheddar “A very satisfyingwarmdip or spread! It may sound strange to say that it did not taste too cheesy – the mustard came through and it was very aromatic. I dipped breadsticks in it and also brioche. It clung to the bread and breadstick, with a very nice texture. It was very well balanced – rich but not overwhelmingly so.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Godminster, Black TruffleVintageOrganicCheddar “Very attractive packaging. The truffle flavour works really well with the cheddar. It is not easy to get the balance of this combination right. Here they have. I ate this with grapes and pears. It really went well with the fruits. I don’t think a chutney works with this cheese as I did try that, and felt I lost the truffle flavour when I had it with a strong flavoured chutney.” 41