Great British Food Awards 2021

CHEESE & DAIRY SOFT CHEESE Judged by foodwriterMarthaCollinson WINNER Sussex HighWealdDairy Ltd, Sussex Slipcoates “This is a truly beautiful sheep’smilk cheese, formed into a cute button shape. It may look unassuming, but the flavour is beautifully fresh with gentle citrus notes, and using sheep’smilkmeans the aroma and flavour isn’t as harsh as goat’s cheese can be. The texture is fluffy and soft; it melts in themouth and has a clean finish, with the ideal balance of creamy and tangy notes. Perfect for spreading onto fruit and nut crackers, andwould be a welcome addition to any cheeseboard.” HIGHLY COMMENDED ALDI, Specially SelectedCheese Bakes, BarbersCheddar “This little bubbling pot of cheese was somoreish: I couldn’t stop dipping in! The balance of sharp, fruity mature cheddar with the tanginess of crème fraiche and a carefullymeasured touch of garlic andmustard; it’s a real joy to dip crusty bread into. A brilliant cheese-based product for Christmas!” HIGHLY COMMENDED Feltham's FarmLtd, RenegadeMonk “This is certainly not a cheese for the faint-hearted but wow, what a cheese it is. With its pungent aroma, you’ll smell it before you taste it – it is a little cheese with a big presence. The rind has been expertly washed in ale, and the subtle flavour you’d expect fromblue cheese is all there in ameltingly soft, creamy and ripe texture. A delicious, unusual cheese that cheese loversmust try!” 40