Great British Food Awards 2021

ROLLAGRANOLA Want to shake up your breakfast and try something new? Rollagranola is a range of tasty, gluten-free granolasmade by hand in small batches for a truly satisfying breakfast experience. Containing nothing processed or artificial, each box is packedwith premium fruits, seeds and spices. Oh, and nuts. Lots of them! All clustered together with the finest natural ingredients. With eight flavours to choose from, you can enjoy it for breakfast, add it to a bake or simply eat it straight out of the box. Whowants a second-rate breakfast when you can eat Rollagranola every day? Find Rollagranola in independent health stores, delis, Planet Organic andOcado or shop direct. ROSEMULLION DISTILLERY Husband-and-wife teamof chemists- turned-distillers, Rosemullion Distillery was established in 2018. With Summer gin, Spiced Rum, Chocolate RumandGold Rum in the finalists’ categories at the Great British Food Awards 2021, Rosemullion is delighted that Spiced Rumwon Highly Commended in the Flavoured Rum category. Judges declared: “A very close runner up, Rosemullionmakes VERY good rum in such attractive packaging… The palate is jumpingwith cinnamon, clove, and treacle pudding sweetness. The spice and sweetness are perfectly balanced against the alcohol and they provide a depth and richness to themouthfeel that is very complete.” 25