Great British Food Awards 2021

ORKNEY GIN Orkney Akvavit is the first of its kindmade in Scotland. It’s a distilled spirit which derives from the famous akvavits (or aquavits) from Scandinavia. It perfectly represents Orkney Gin Company’s ethos - keeping true to the islands' Scandinavian history, while also being proud to be part of a wonderful array of Scottish producers. Refreshing and luxuriously smooth, Orkney Akvavit is distilled an incredible eight times, with whole botanicals such as orange, caraway, vanilla and cinnamon. It is a truly unique spirit which can be enjoyed alone over ice (the traditional way) or how you’d enjoy gin - with tonic or ginger ale. OZI LALA LEVANTINE KITCHEN Ozi Lala was created by Chef Ozi and started as a Street Food Truck in 2018 to bring the authentic street food of the Levant to the UK. During the last two years, it has developed a range of award-winning products. Itsmission is to create unique food products with exciting flavours, diverse and highly adaptable tomany cooking traditions. Ozi's Amba Sauce is originally from Iraq. Thismango-based tangy sauce is a remarkable culinary bridge fromSouth Asia to theMiddle East. It can be used as a sauce, dressing, cooking ingredient, marinade or dip. 23