Great British Food Awards 2021

DRAPERS After decades of studying the art of draping, Drapers has applied the same fine art and detail to the art of recipe design and distilling. Weaving layers of aromatic botanicals, distilling in small batches and marrying the balance of the hand-picked seasonal produce to deliver a well-rounded, multi-award-winning spirit, Drapers contemporary spiced rumembodies themasterful essence of craftsmanship, leaving a taste draped in pure elegance. Handcrafted and distilled in small batches, the spiced rumweaves signature notes of rich cocoa, fragrant vanilla, and caramel tones with smoked oak chips, to balance the perfect measure. Perfect for sipping, paired withmixers, or the dressing up your cocktail measures. DRIVERS PICKLES Drivers Pickles, a fourth-generation family business based in Leicester, has added newproducts to its expansive range of gourmet pickles, relishes and chutneys. For over 119 years, Drivers Pickles has been producing award- winning products; the introduction of Spicy CalypsoChutney, Caramelised RedOnion Relish and Bread & Butter Pickles into the 2021 range doesn’t disappoint! Starting off as a grocery store in 1902, Drivers Pickles has expanded its retail range and now supplies beautifully packaged gifts for all types of food lovers! 11