Great British Food Awards 2021

DEERNESS DISTILLERY Vára Gin is Deerness Distillery’s newest award-winning gin. Hailing from its self-built distillery in theOrkney Islands, Scotland, Vára joins itsmulti-award- winning line up of gins, vodka andOrcadian Moon liqueur. Meticulously crafted Vára Gin leads you on a sensory journey; juniper ledwith rosemary, citrus and cardamom undertones with a subtle rose finish. ‘Vára’ meaning ‘to become spring’ inOld Norse gives you an inviting spring taste, even in the depths of anOrcadianwinter. With unique drinks to please themost discerning spirit and liqueur lover, you won’t be disappointed if you visit Deerness Distillery online today! DEVIL’S BRIDGE SPICED RUM Devil’s Bridge Rumenvisions a worldwhere people drink differently. Inspired by the tale of a lady’s cunning plan to trick the devil, with sweet bara brith as the leading flavour, its rumdares people to defy the ordinary. How?With 100%genuine, authentic ingredients, matured in ex-bourbon barrels in the Caribbean, and shipped to itsWelsh distillery to be steeped in a unique combination of botanicals and spices. A local brand crafted for those who value quality, world-class design and an undeniable depth of flavour; daring to choose Devils Bridge Rum is a decision you won’t regret. 10