Great British Food Awards 2021

FRESH FISH & SEAFOOD Judged by chef and seafood expert Mitch Tonks WINNER Osborne &Sons (Shellfish) Limited, CookedCockles “I really love the care that went into this entry; freshly cooked cockles are not something you come across often. I couldn't stop eating them, a delicious sea-like flavour, a soft texture with a good bite. This is one of England's oldest and once loved seafood and I like the fact that this family is continuing it. We should treasure producers like this and fall back in love with this delicious native seafood.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Loch FyneOysters Ltd, Morecambe BayOysters "Small, fresh and briny, these for me are the perfect oyster; I loved them." HIGHLY COMMENDED Kames Fish Farming LimitedKames Scottish SteelheadTrout "A really delicious flavour profile. Sea trout are magnificent fish and superior to salmon inmy eyes. It's really great to see them raised in lochs like this." Meat & Fish 93