Great British Food Awards 2021

CHOCOLATE PRODUCTS Judged by chef AdamHandling WINNER Sugarcane Studio, Florentines “I loved the Florentines, especially the addition of the dried fruits inside them. I’msomeone who really loves that sort of stuff. The nuts are all perfectly coated and the chocolate is tempered really well. They are all perfectly uniformand super tasty. Very well done.” HIGHLY COMMENDED TenWatchChocolates, Rhubarb&CustardBon Bons “They look super lovely and the layers inside are even. You know straight away they are rhubarb and custard as soon as you taste them, which is a great job inmy eyes. Really well decorated too. The shell around the outside is nice and thin. The two layers inside of the bonbon are very pronounced andmake it a nice texture. These truffles are very well done.” HIGHLY COMMENDED Love Brownies, Raspberry Brownie Bon Bons “Flavour was great, punchy and full of raspberries. Nice texture with the brownie inside and loved the overall look. Very well done.” SNACKS & CONFECTIONeRY 83