Great British Food Awards 2021

CHARLES MACLEOD LTD Multi-award-winningCharlesMacleod Stornoway Black Pudding ismade with Scottish oatmeal to give a unique texture. Themoist deep flavour is a result of high- quality ingredients and a fine balance of seasoning. It’s essential in a traditional breakfast or perfect accompaniment to a range of savoury ingredients such as scallops, chicken, beef and pork. New to the range is a gluten-free version of its famous black pudding, which has been developed in response customer demand. Initial feedback has been so good that some product testers evenwent as far as saying it was “better than the original!” COPAS TRADITIONAL TURKEYS Copas Traditional Turkeys has been producing award-winning free-range birds since 1957. Based in the Berkshire countryside, it believes that the better the turkeys are looked after, the better the end result and its high welfare artisanal methods certainly produce unbeatable flavouredmeat. The turkeys are guarded by a herd of alpacas and are given firework training to acclimatise them to the loud noises of bonfire night. There’s a public footpath through the fields for anyone who wants to see for themselves and the farm is opposite BishamWoods, the setting for Wind in theWillows. 8