Great British Food Awards 2021

BERMONDSEY STREET BEES Bermondsey Street Bees is a sustainable beekeeping practice dedicated to producing characterful, raw English honeys. Heavenly honeys from its urban and country hives have consistently won this small artisan producer the leading professionally- judged awards in food, including this year’s Great British Food’s ‘London & South East Producer’ award. Just like fine wines or olive oil, single-origin raw honey is the product of its terroir, perfectly reflecting the landscape, soil, weather and forage plants within the flying range of the bees. It is these flavours that sing through Bermondsey Street Bees’ glorious English honeys. ALDWICK ESTATE English redwine? That’s a pure delight to drink? Any prospect in late July 2011 that Aldwick Estates recently planted vinesmight thrive, much less produce internationally accreditedwine? Pigsmight fly! Aldwick Estate stands victorious! This light-hearted blend of carefully selected Pinot Noir and Regent grapes literally flies off the shelf; it’s ideal for enjoying all year round. Lively dark fruit is plentiful in this youthful wine that’s best served slightly chilled. It appears that Aldwick’s English Sparkling range, Jubilate®, is not the only wine worth shouting about; its red is making just asmuch noise, oink, oink!! 5