Great British Food Awards 2021

CHEESE & DAIRY ICE-CREAM Judged by chef and gelatiere JacobKenedy WINNER WhollyGelato, MilkWhollyMilkGelato “It is incredibly hard tomake even a good plainmilk ice cream, andWholly Milk’s gelato is a great example – clean, perfectly smooth and dense texture, just sweet enough but not too saccharine, and a clean taste of milk. Perfectly white, just the right amount of fat, and as cleansing of the palate as a glass of milk. This stood head and shoulder above all the other ice creams judged.” HIGHLY COMMENDED GrannyGothards, Artisan SaltedHoney IceCream “Beautifully presented, sitting like a golden Vacherin in its pretty wooden case, this tastes verymuch of what it is supposed to – honey and salt, a refreshing twist on the ubiquitous salted caramel. The flavour is as sweet as I can enjoy – but this is appropriate for a honey ice cream. The only quibble was the light and almost frothy texture, a hint of parfait about this nearly perfect ice cream.” HIGHLY COMMENDED WhollyGelato, MilkGiandujaGelato “Spot on appearance and texture, this looks and tastes as I remember chocolate ice cream fromchildhood. The cacao flavour is beautifully expressed, and the gelato dense, smooth, rich and luscious. The indulgent texture of gianduja was hard to perceive inwhat really is a brilliant chocolate gelato. It would havemade first runner up, if I hadn’t been looking for gianduja in it.” 43