Great British Food Awards 2021

FI ’S AMAZING BROWNIES Fi’s Amazing Brownies is founded froma family’s love of mum’s baking and her determination to create an income during the pandemic. Beautifully gift-wrapped boxes filledwith “TheOriginal” brownie, a decadent Belgium chocolate brownie packed full of fillings including honeycomb, fudge andmore soon beganmaking their way over the UK and beyond. Since its launch Fi has continually developed new recipes and now features ‘The Biscoff One’ and ‘ChocolateOrange’ alongwith tempting specials. Offering a delicious vegan brownie and gluten-free versions of all flavours, there really is something for everyone. Fi’s popular range goes fromstrength to strength and is now supplied to coffee shops, grocers andmore. Fi’s Amazing Brownies remain true to the family roots the business was built on, with 20%of all profits donated to The Cystic Fibrosis Trust. FIREFLY DRINKS Introducing Firefly, a deliciously refreshing range of still soft drinks, enlivenedwith botanical extracts. It has collaboratedwith industry experts, award-winningmixologists andworld-renowned herbalists to create a range of grown-up soft drinksmade from still water, fruit juice, and blended herbal extracts. Each Firefly drink has a clean, fresh flavour; not too sweet and never fizzy. You can just pop the cap and instant refreshment is yours. But ideally, get your nicest glasses out, plenty of ice, a slice of citrus, a handful of berries, a sprig of mint and you’re all set for a flavour adventure. 13